Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Institute of Internal Auditors Philippines Inc. (IIAP) formerly known as The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc. – Manila Chapter was founded in August 14, 1948 by Mr. Santiago F. Dela Cruz Sr. along with a small group of accountants actively engaged in the profession. Mr. Dela Cruz, who is considered to be the moving spirit of the association, is the same man who, two years earlier than IIAP, co-established the Philippine College of Commerce and Business Administration (PCCBA) which we now know as the University of the East.

The IIAP despite some struggles during its formative years was able to attain full-fledged stature as a professional association having been recognized as the 25th chapter formed and officially affiliated by the Institute of Internal Auditors with headquarters in New Year City, USA.  At the time, IIAP is 1 of the 6 (six) chapters in the Pacific Region (others were in Bombay, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne and Ceylon).

From a small office space of 28 square meters in early 1990s, the IIAP (over 20-years later) now owns a 187-sqm.-area office unit where the Institute can hold a small-group workshops & trainings, volunteer/core group or management business meetings. The office unit, which also houses its Secretariat, has a library & a 3-unit CBT (computer-based-testing) facility for its members’ use and learning opportunity.

With an over 2,000 members todate and on its 67th year in operation, the Institute remains true to its mission since 1948—the development & promotion of internal auditing—with its current vision of being-globally recognized and valued IA professionals indispensable to effective governance, risk-management and control.