Monday, December 18, 2017

Chief Operations Officer

The highest-ranked permanent position in the Professional Office. He is responsible for the day to day operations of the Institute and manages the financial responsibilities of the Professional Office. He implements activities consistent with the strategic goals and annual plans as approved by the Board of Trustees

Professional Development Unit

  • Professional Development Manager is responsible for planning, directing and implementing the strategies and operational plans of the Institute’s Center for Professional Development and reporting on its results.
  • Supervisor for Training is responsible for ensuring that the training program, activities and related events are effectively and efficiently implemented. She is also responsible for coordinating with existing and prospective clients and organizing the activities for the pool of speakers, developers and contributors.
  • Program Coordinator for Training is responsible for handling the day-to-day operational activities and events such as public-run seminars, in-house training, and CIA Certification seminars.
  • Program Coordinator for Certification is responsible for the day-to day activities related to the administration of the IIA certification exams including CPE compliance and coordination with The IIA Inc. for related guidance.

Membership Unit

  • Supervisor for Membership is responsible for ensuring that the membership relations program is effectively implemented. He is also responsible for planning and implementing activities to advocate the internal audit profession among various sectors, and also encouraging interested stakeholders to become IIAP members or be active in the Institute’s programs.
  • Program Coordinator for Membership is responsible for the day-to day activities relevant to the members such as coordination on membership affiliation with The IIA, Inc. responding to members’ queries and concerns, monitoring the membership database, and organizing quarterly members’ meetings among others.
  • Program Coordinator for Marketing, Communications and Events is responsible for developing the corporate presentations to sustain and reinforce the Institute’s brand and reputation. She is also responsible for managing the pool of writers and contributors for “The Network”, which serves as the official newsletter of the Institute. She is also responsible for organizing events related to advocacy and relationship building.

Finance and Administration Unit

  • Finance & Admin Manager has overall responsibility for providing back-end support to Professional Development and Membership operations. She manages the implementation of the financial policy of the Institute and ensures that the human relations and administration policies of the Professional Office are relevant and consistently implemented.
  • Supervisor for Admin and IT is responsible for ensuring that the Professional Office’s business process has the appropriate procedures, technology and tools to efficiently and effectively provide service to its stakeholders.
  • Program Coordinator for Finance and Accounting is responsible for the proper maintenance of the books & financial records of the Institute and provides inputs to ensure that the financial reporting and regulatory compliance requirements are met.
  • Program Coordinator for Finance and Admin is responsible for handling treasury-related functions and other support activities.
Eloisa M. AcostaChief Operating Officer
Wilma F. AstrologoProfessional Development Manager
Anna Andrea P. SollosoFinance and Admin Manager
Ma. Carla C. MedranoProgram Supervisor for Training
Anna Lou Y. JudillaProgram Supervisor for Membership & Events
Christine Jewel E. SalangsangProgram Coordinator for Finance and Accounting
Arthelie V. MendozaProgram Coordinator for Training
Valerie H. JavarezProgram Coordinator for Certification
Marietta D. CardenasProgram Coordinator for Marketing, Events & Communications
Marjorie G. BanguiaoProgram Coordinator for Membership
Charlene C. DoradoProgram Coordinator for Accounting
Jenelyn R. MirandaProgram Coordinator for Finance