Monday, December 18, 2017


To be globally recognized and valued internal audit professionals indispensable to governance, risk management & control process.  


To advance the internal auditing profession and its value to the organization and the community we serve.


The Institute provides a dynamic leadership for the profession of internal auditing. Activities that support our vision and mission is captured in our five (5) strategic goals (LAMPS):

  1. Leadership: IIAP is recognized as the voice of internal auditing. (Institute Awareness)
  2. Advocacy: Raise the profile of and increase the demands for professional internal auditing. (Internal Audit Awareness)
  3. Membership: Deliver the value that compels former, current and future internal auditors to be members of the Institute and Assure -adherence to professional requirements. (Value Delivery and Adherence to Professional Requirements)
  4. Professionalism: Lead the development and dissemination of knowledge to advance the profession; and implement the IIAs defined principles of the profession and assure adherence to such principles. (Lead Provider and Adherence to the Standards)
  5. Sustainability: Attain a self-sufficient operation with adequate resources to carry out it core purpose and strategic direction. (People, Planet and Property)