Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Inspired by our five (5) strategic goals on Leadership, Advocacy, Membership, Professionalism and Sustainability or LAMPS, our theme for the year is to Ignite the LIGHT, which exhorts all of us to Learn, Innovate, Grow, Hone and Transcend.

We are to learn from the past to prepare ourselves for the future. Learning and development remains our foremost objectives for our members, who are encouraged to embrace resourcefulness and innovation in their work. As internal auditors, we should innovate and come up with new ways to maintain our connection to the world. While maintaining our independence and objectivity, we must also grow to take on new risks, embrace the new normal and attain new competencies. We must focus on honing and advancing our skills and capabilities, both as individuals and as a professional organization. Finally, we are called upon to transcend the present and aim for greater horizons in the future, and imagine the many possibilities we are capable of.

With 2018 as the Institute of Internal Auditor Philippines’ milestone year marking our 70th anniversary, let us keep that LIGHT burning which had inspired the founders and prime movers of this Institute since 1948. Let us all work collectively to advance our profession!

Kind regards,