Monday, December 18, 2017

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements

CPE is facilitated through a self-certification process with the completion and reporting of required CPE hours on an annual basis. The reporting deadline is December 31 each year. IIA-certified professionals who fail to meet their CPE requirements by the reporting deadline will automatically be placed in inactive status and may not use their designation. Get more information on CPE reporting steps for current and inactive certificants. New CIAs are awarded 80 CPE hours; new CCSAs, CGAPs, CFSAs, and CRMAs are awarded 40 CPE hours. Half of the awarded CPE hours (40 or 20) are for the year in which the exam is passed, and the other half are for the subsequent year. As an IIA certified professional, you are responsible for ensuring that the CPE information in your report is accurate. You must include your membership or customer identification number when reporting your CPE. Log in to the Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS) to complete the CPE Reporting Form. If you need further assistance, please log in to your record in CCMS  and log an incident.  


CPE Opportunities

If you’re looking for ways to obtain your CPE hours, check out these possibilities. CPE Reporting Requirements

REPORTING PERIODReporting will now be done annually for all certified individuals. All candidates will be required to report every year, not every other year.
REPORTING DATEThe reporting date is changing from May 31 to December 31
NUMBER OF HOURS REQUIRED FOR CIA40 hours per year - if practicing, 20 hours per year if non-practicing, 0 hours per year - if retired
NUMBER OF CPE HOURS REQUIRED FOR CCSA, CFSA, CGAP, CRMA20 hours per year - if practicing, 10 hours per year - if non-practicing, 0 hours per year - if retired
SPECIALTY CERTIFICATIONS CPE REQUIREMENTS25% of CPE hours earned must be in the specialty area of expertise.
REQUIRED ATTESTATIONS AT TIME OF CPE REPORTING SUBMISSIONPerforms internal audit services in accordance with the Standards. To abide by the IIA Code of Ethics. To not bring the IIA into disrepute. Confirming no criminal convictions since last reporting period
FAILURE TO REPORT CPEWill result in an individual's certification status being moved to inactive. The designation can no longer be used until the individual's certified status is reinstated.
REINSTATEMENT POLICYIf INACTIVE greater that 12 months, to reinstate, candidate will need to report 80 hours of CPE and pay reinstatement fee of USD $100 member or USD $250 non-member


What do these changes mean for candidates? 2012 is a transition year to bring everyone to the cycle.


EVEN-NUMBER ID'SLast reported CPE in 2010 (for CPE earned in 2008 and 2009)Report all earned in 2010, 2011 and 2012 by December 31, 2012Report all CPE earned in 2013 by December 31, 2013
ODD-NUMBER ID'SLast reported CPE in 2011 (for CPE earned in 2009 and 2010)Report all CPE earned in 2011 and 2012 by December 31, 2012Report all CPE earned in 2013 by December 31, 2013



The IIA will randomly sample a percentage of all candidates reporting CPE each year to confirm candidates are abiding by the CPE program rules. Failure to participate in the audit once notified will results in your status being moved to an INACTIVE status.  


CPE Reporting Forms & Guideline Documentation

  1. Administrative Directive No. 4 – CPE Reporting Guidelines/Frequently Asked Questions
  2. CPE Reporting Work Sheet (To be Submitted To the IIAP Certifications Department on or before December 31st of each year)


Note: Beginning 2017, the CPE reporting will require payment as follows, in the CCMS:


  1. CIA (Member/Non-member) – $40/$130
  2. Specialty Certifications (Member/Non-member) – $30/$130