Monday, December 18, 2017

Professional Guidance

  • Updates on the International Standards for the Professional Practice of the Internal Auditing (ISPPIA),
  • Guidance from the IIA Code of Ethics (to enable you to stay on top of emerging issues and practices),
  • IIA Webinars
  • Updates on the IA profession (via email and website)


Training and Certification

  • Development Seminars and Conferences
  • The opportunity to join the ranks of internal auditors who hold the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation, recognized all over the world
  • Technical Forums
  • Assistance on the monitoring of CPE credits


Professional Seminar

  • Centralized on latest issues such as Governance and Internal Control, CSA, Environmental Auditing, World-Class practices, Fraud, Enterprise Risk & Control, Ethics, Emerging Technologies/Information Technology, Core Internal Audit topics & other emerging topics
  • Hands-on and how-to methods and techniques, for all levels of auditors
  • Customized seminars for companies and government clients


Networking and Participation

  • Membership meetings, activities, forums & annual conferences. Lead and/or volunteer in different subject matter expert pool of the organization
  • Develop Professional Contacts


Meetings and Conferences

  • General Membership Meetings, Annual Conference, Sportsfest, Christmas Ball, Leader’s Forum, Institute Meetings (features top-level speakers from leading organizations)


Free Periodicals

  • The institute publishes The Network (magazine) to inform its members of significant and upcoming events with the Institute of Internal Auditors Philippines


Discounts on IIA Products & Services:

  • Internal Auditor Magazine
  • IPPF Book
  • IIA Learning System (CIA Review book)
  • Exams (CIA, CCSA, CFSA, CRMA)
  • Discount on IIA Seminars
  • Discount on CPE Reporting


Access to the IIA, Inc. Products and Services:

  • Members-only access to the Audit Career Center, including The IIA Resume Service in the IIA website
  • Benchmarking information through the Global Auditing Information Network (GAIN) reports
  • Access to research reports and periodicals that tackle important trends & issues in internal auditing