Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dear Members,


The Nomination Sub-Committee of Governance Committee is now accepting nominations for the election of members of the IIA-P Board of Trustees, for the CY 2018.    Actual voting will take place at the Annual General Membership (AGM) meeting on November 17, 2017. 


You are encouraged to nominate more than 1 and self-nomination is acceptable.  Nominee/s must meet the qualifications:


1. Must be a Certified Internal Auditor(active status);

2. Of legal age;

3. Member of good standing.  Based on the guidance provided by the Governance Committee, a “member of good standing” shall mean as follows.


  1. A practitioner of the Internal Audit profession or related functions including internal control, assurance or consulting;
  2. Must have been a member for at least one (1) year;
  3. Member without unpaid dues to IIAP as of June 30, 2017 (cut-off date);
  4. Possesses leadership qualities and have been active in any of the IIAP committees or contributor/facilitator/participant in any programs of IIAP; and
  5. Must possess good moral character, leadership qualities, in good standing (no outstanding accounts) with the Institute, be willing to dedicate his/ her time, talent and energies for the benefit of the Institute
  6. Must signify his/ her acceptance of the nomination in writing or electronic mail, or fax


There shall only be one (1) trustee, serving on the same term, coming from the same firm/company/conglomerate and/or government agencies and their instrumentalities. (As amended on December 10, 2013)


Nominees who met the above qualifications will be advised by the Nomination Sub-Committee to acknowledge the following conditions in the Nomination Acceptance Form.


– The candidate will obtain positive endorsement from his/her immediate superior in the company he/she is currently employed or working;

– There will only be one (1) Board of Trustee candidate for every company; and

– The Candidate is willing to accept under oath the following terms and condition of acceptance:

– Full disclosure of conflict of interest situations as provided in the Board of Trustee Policy Manual; andIf elected as Board of Trustee, agree to automatic disqualification if attendance to Board meetings falls below 65%.


The term of office of an IIAP Board member is 1-term which is equivalent to two (2) years and are eligible for re-election for another term. A Board of Trustee can hold office for a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms or equivalent to four (4) years in succession. After the two (2) terms, a trustee shall have a cooling period of one (1) term or two (2) years before he can run again for office. Board of Trustees does not receive remuneration from the IIAP.  


Should you wish to nominate yourself or another member, please accomplish, sign, scan and email back the attached Nomination form to the Nomination Sub-Committee to Ms. Eloisa Acosta not later than August 19, 2017. Please entitle your email “Nomination Form for the Attention of Ms. Eloisa Acosta” You may also submit the nomination forms in person or through your authorized representative in a sealed envelope marked   “Nomination Form for the Attention of Ms. Eloisa Acosta”  and addressed to the IIAP Office at U702 Corporate Center, 139 Valero St., Makati City.


Thank you,

IIAP Nomination & Election Committee