Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Information Technology



Auditing Outsourced Functions: Risk Management in an Outsourced World

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Could Your Organization Suffer a Catastrophic Failure Due to Outsourcing?

Many times outsourcing partnerships are a great success, effectively reducing costs for an organization. However, outsourcing can also have unintended, unforeseen, or even disastrous results.

This guide will give you tools and techniques you can use immediately to:

  • Conduct due diligence before your organization enters an outsourcing agreement.
  • Identify risks with outsourcing — especially outside your organization’s home country.
  • Benefit from other assurance providers for control assessment.
  • Establish a control structure that ensures outsourced functions are effective and efficient.

Whether you are an auditor, manager, or executive, Auditing Outsourced Functions offers the perspective you need in today’s outsourced world.

Auditing Outsourced Functions is a must-read! This book will not only help you navigate the hidden risks of outsourcing, but will also give you insight into many emerging issues.



Auditing Information Systems, 2nd Edition

Member Price : Php 7,800.00

Have you been asked to perform an information systems audit and don’t know where to start?

Examine a company’s hardware, software, and data organization and processing methods to ensure quality control and security with this easy, practical guide to auditing computer systems–the tools necessary to implement an effective IS audit.

In nontechnical language and following the format of an IS audit program, you’ll gain insight into new types of security certifications (e.g., TruSecure, CAP SysTrust, CPA WebTrust) as well as the importance of physical security controls, adequate insurance, and digital surveillance systems.



Cloud Computing: Assessing the Risks

Member Price : Php 3,400.00

Do you trust the Cloud? Should you trust the Cloud?

“Cloud Computing” are the words on everyone’s lips it’s the latest technology, the way forward. But how safe is it? Is it reliable? How secure will your information be?

Written by three internationally renowned experts, this book discusses the primary concerns of most businesses leaders – the security and risk elements of the Cloud. But ‘security and risk’ are just two elements of Cloud Computing, and this book focuses on all the critical components of a successful cloud program including – compliance, risk, reliability, availability, areas of responsibility, Cloud Computing borders, legalities, digital forensics and business continuity. This book covers them all.



Cloud Security and Governance: Who’s On Your Cloud?

Member Price : Php 1,500.00
The rise of cloud computing, with services delivered “in the cloud,” offers businesses incredible power and flexibility. It promises the efficient use of human and financial capital resources, reducing infrastructure and operation costs. It proposes a model of computing that is effective at meeting the demands of business in a rapidly changing environment.

One of the most difficult challenges related to cloud computing revolves around the security and compliance issues associated with it. This is a major concern and will continue to be so, with the ever-increasing onslaught of regulations impacting security controls.

This pocket guide explains and highlights some of the key security and compliance issues surrounding cloud adoption, and provides helpful insight into how they can be addressed. 

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