Wednesday, January 17, 2018




Enterprise Risk Management: Achieving and Sustaining Success

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In today’s rapidly changing business climate, organizations are looking for proactive ways to foresee risks. To be successful, organizations must find ways to create new value and protect existing value from being prematurely destroyed. Managing the risks associated with any strategic plan is vital to ensuring the organization’s ongoing success.

Internal auditors are an integral part of an organization achieving and sustaining success. They play an important role in all phases of ERM implementation and can help validate and improve ERM activities by aligning their ongoing audit activities with the ERM objectives.

Enterprise Risk Management will:

  • Enhance internal auditors’ understanding of ERM.
  • Clarify the internal auditors’ role in developing an ERM system.
  • Provide direction to help internal auditors continually audit their organizations’ evolving ERM system.
  • Provide a “deep dive” into the concepts of ISO 31000 to provide application-oriented insights.
  • Offer tools for conducting a risk assessment.

This book provides a roadmap for all internal auditors, regardless of their ERM expertise, to translate complex ERM concepts into concrete guidance that internal auditors find straightforward and practical.

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