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Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Internal Auditors

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The goals for this book are twofold: to increase your understanding of how people think and act (including yourself), and to give a tremendous number of tips, practices, suggestions, ideas and skills that you may use appropriately to increase your relationship and get better audit results with your customers and clients, wherever they may reside.

This book represents the results of more than 20 years working as a private consultant and trainer to the audit profession. What started as a small program based on the best research on conflict management and negotiation skills has slowly evolved into a book based on research on these two topics, plus the real-life experiences of thousands of auditors who deal with conflicts, potential conflicts, and differing positions that need to be united on a daily basis. The book is designed to give both clarity into human nature as well as practical skills and suggestions for dealing with people in a wide range of challenging situations. 



Auditing Employee Hiring and Staffing

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Each time an organization hires a new employee, it is exposed to several risks. Internal auditors should recognize the importance of ensuring that human resource departments are in compliance with the regulations that govern hiring and staffing.

Auditing Employee Hiring and Staffing is the third in The IIA Research Foundation’s Auditing Human Resources handbook series. It explains the risks and expenses involved in human resources so that auditors will be equipped to address problems and guide organizations in the following areas:

  • Workforce planning.
  • Recruiting and hiring candidates.
  • Integrating new employees.

Employee retention. The handbook closely follows the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Total Rewards Learning System regarding the general body of knowledge for human resource management. Included are appendices with useful information on key legislation, staffing records retention, and staffing-related websites.



Bribery: Identify Hidden Risks in Your Organization

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Bribery is often covert, tricky to prevent, and notoriously tough to uncover. Forensic accountants and fraud-focused auditors are often successful at detecting bribes, but it is difficult for generalist internal auditors to find such transactions through regular auditing techniques. Fortunately, many anti-bribery controls are also internal controls for sound, general practices.

This book offers practical information and advice on:

  • Third-party bribery
  • Legislative and regulatory considerations
  • Channels through which bribes may be made, concealed, or prevented
  • Anti-bribery controls over an organization’s expenditure, revenue, assets, and liabilities
  • Organizational whistleblowing hotlines
  • Anti-corruption compliance programs

Fraud detection is not normally the primary purpose of internal auditing, yet it is an important subject that cannot be ignored. Internal auditors’ advice and recommendations can encourage management to introduce and maintain strong internal controls over bribery risks.



Intellectual Property: Auditing the Process, 2nd Edition

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An organization should periodically audit intellectual property in order to help ensure that its rights are captured, preserved, safeguarded, and properly valued. When performing an audit of the intellectual property process the audit department must ensure that the staff performing the audit is qualified to do so. Additionally, the purpose of the audit should be well articulated prior to embarking on the effort. The purpose of this book is to provide a guide for auditors to perform an audit of intellectual property. The book is broken down into nine parts, as follows:

  • Introduction Types of Intellectual Property
  • The Audit Staff
  • The Purpose of the Audit
  • The Scope of the Audit
  • The Preliminary Review
  • Flowcharting the Process
  • Control Testing
  • Substantive Testing
  • Reporting

Auditing intellectual property is a worthwhile endeavor. The audit can be performed within a reasonable time and provide potential cost savings to the organization. 



A Few Good Words: How Internal Auditors Can Write Better, More Insightful Reports

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This book will help internal auditors learn key strategies and skills for writing effective internal audit reports and for managing report writers. A range of issues is covered: from organization to clarity, from tone to proofreading. Throughout, realistic examples support sound, contemporary writing theory.

The book collects columns of the same name published in New Perspectives On Healthcare Risk Management, Control and Governance, the quarterly journal of The Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors.

The author, Sally Cutler, draws on her years of consulting with and providing training for internal auditors—as well as on her formal education in writing—to provide advice that is at once insightful and down-to-earth.

A useful addition to any internal audit library, A Few Good Words will help new and experienced report writers to develop, write, and polish reports that communicate essential messages readably and persuasively. It also will help those managing report writers, providing insights on reviewing and editing as well as benchmarks for writing quality.

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