Monday, December 18, 2017

The IIA-P offers public run seminars that will cater to the audit professionals’ needs for continuing professional development. IIA-P’s public seminars meet the training needs for Junior Internal Auditors, Audit Supervisor, Audit Manager, and Chief Audit Executive.  


Trainings for the Junior Internal Auditors

This will help new auditors grasp and execute the basic principles in internal auditing. It will equip them of the basic knowledge that they need to successfully deliver their engagements.  


Trainings for the Audit Supervisors

IIA-P’s trainings will guide the Audit Supervisors in leading their audit engagement and assist them on their transition from being a staff to a leader. This also includes developing skills in audit planning, risk assessment, report writing, and presentation skills.  


Training for Audit Managers

These trainings focus on audit planning, managing the IA activity, and client relationship that also includes marketing the value of IA to other parts of the business organization. This module includes the training of new Managers transition to their new role.  


Seminars and forum for the Chief Audit Executives

IIA-P with its able and well-experienced facilitators will share tips and techniques on how to resolve issues and challenges faced by the IA. These also cover promoting the internal audit function to the board of directors and management. IIA-P offers quality trainings with the aid of our highly competent speakers that are equipped of their experience and real-life knowledge that will help you learn the necessary skills and proficiency that an audit professional should have.   For inquiries you may call: Ma. Sheena Malapitan at 940-9554 loc 18 or Email at